Saturday, July 12, 2014

The connections between Judge Adele Grubbs, my ex-husband lawyer Bruce Ailion, his new wife Robin Adams, widow of the Magistrate Judge Ross Adams.

Black’s Law Dictionary defines:
CORRUPTION: An act done with an intent to give some advantage inconsistent with official duty and the rights of others. The act of an official or fiduciary person who unlawfully and wrongfully uses his station or character to procure some benefit for himself or for another person, contrary to duty and the rights of others.

Robin Adams is the widow of former Cobb County, Marietta Georgia Magistrate judge Ross Adams whose obituary is below.

See the February 1999 picture below of Ross Adams with Judge Adele Grubbs, representing the Cobb County delegation of the Board of Governors for the State Bar of Georgia.

 * UPDATE-  February 26, 2013- I was told by my sister- in- law Susan Ailion and now deceased brother- in -law Brian Ailion (December 2008), that Bruce Ailion married Robin Adams in 2006 however, this is not what it says on Bruce Ailion's Facebook page today, it says they were married in June 2010.  So I assume that Bruce Ailion and Robin Adams lived together since 2006 (or 2005) until they were married (I have not seen any marriage certificate) in 2010 according to Bruce Ailion's Facebook page today.

 **  NEWEST UPDATE -As of today May 14, 2013 Bruce Ailion's Facebook page just says that he is married to Robin Adams with no date.  So my youngest child resided with my ex-husband and his girlfriend in her home from the time he was ten or eleven years old until he was fifteen and his father was not married.  This is the situation my youngest son had to live in, created by Judge Adele Grubbs when she took away my custody rights.

Judge Grubbs remarried Tony Platt her first husband on February 4, 2006.  According to the Marietta Daily Journal Newspaper article below dated February 15, 2006, a Robin Adams (I do not know if this is the same Robin Adams) along with other Cobb County judges and officials attended Judge Grubbs wedding. My new judge George Kreeger (after Judge Adele Grubbs recused herself in November 2011) officiated over the wedding according to this article.  I was still incarcerated at this time and read the article in the Marietta Daily Journal newspaper in the Cobb County jail.

The Cobb County Bar Association meetings for Cobb County Law Day Award winners shown below detail Judge Adele Grubbs deceased daughter Alexis Grubbs Memorial Scholarship Awards (since 2000) and also detail Robin Adams deceased husband former Magistrate judge Ross Adams Younger Lawyer Awards (since 2001).

The first time I met Robin Adams was at the October 1, 2004 contempt hearing when she gave witness testimony against me. Look for future posts that will have more about Robin Adams testimony against me.

Judge George Kreeger retired at the end of 2012 and Judge Robert Leonard was the new judge (3rd judge) assigned to my case.  Above it is shown that Judge Robert Leonard received the Ross Adams Young Lawyer Award in 2005.


Nuada Nudo said...

Our Son went before Judge Grubbs and definitely has given him the shaft in more ways than one. She has vowed to have a million convictions before she leaves the bench. She does not care who she hurts in the process.

Anonymous said...

Many of us have learned that the Atlanta area is no place to relocate a family or business and fled the state after court experiences and law enforcement harassment. The area is corrupt with entrenched cliques in high places that will destroy lives and finances. The effects of corruption are lasting and permanent for victims and their families. Corruption will not correct corruption, therefore this is an area to migrate away from if possible.

It is incredible that you, an attorney's wife, the mother of his children, were caught up in a web of judicial & court-connected cronies who had the power and connections to falsely accuse, incarcerate you and destroy your life and ability to find work elsewhere - and CONTINUE to stalk you and shake you down for money! They severed you from your children and denied you your God-Given parental rights.

How can they bleed people for money after they've stripped from them their ability to find gainful employment with false charges, false criminal allegations and jail records?

This is a powerful, dangerous crowd to avoid geographically, professionally and socially! If the area doesn't duplicate Detroit as news articles indicate, then perhaps they will build gas chambers and copy Nazi Germany's techniques for punishing people they don't like.

Who would have thought innocent people could be held and detained, ultimately destroyed ANYWHERE in the USA?

Anonymous said...

When are you going to tell about the bullet that came through your kitchen window and grazed the hair on top of your head? These affluent men in Georgia are DEAD SERIOUS when it comes to winning divorces, discarding/silencing/trashing their wives and getting control of the family assets and children. You and some unlucky others are living proof that their criminal connections and political networks cross state lines. Living life looking over your shoulder is a routine way of life for many of us. Girl, you're lucky to be alive.

Anonymous said...

As your friend I have told you I believe you have been up against something larger than a divorce. Divorces normally don’t create stalking situations, false jailings, false accusations and most people who get divorced are not destroyed financially, professionally and personally. When you told me you were, as an Avantis employee in early 2000’s, in charge of the strip of land that last year was announced as the acreage for the new Braves Stadium, for me it solved the mystery. The sad part is if they would have been honest 10+ years ago and told the public they had planned the Braves Stadium for that particular piece property, your problems and tragedies (many appearing politically motivated) may have never occurred. I am so sad for you! I surely hope you can get the answers you need. If they planned for that property for nearly 15 years, it would be interesting to know all the people that jumped in the jackpot to make their fortunes (secretly.) Ironically the citizens of Cobb County, Georgia are the ones paying for it all!!!! AMAZING how they operate down there!

Unknown said...

She did the same thing to me. I am a great father who couldn't get along with the mother. In the divorce she awarded full custody & 70% of my income garnished. While my ex wife sits home & spends the money on shoes!! She is tearing apart families