Saturday, April 30, 2016

Judge Mary Staley was my orginial divorce judge but after eight months my judge was switched to Judge Adele Grubbs, WHY?

I first filed divorce from Bruce Ailion in 1996  The assigned Judge Flournoy retired and when Bruce Ailion filed divorce against me in April 2001 Judge Mary Staley was assigned the case.

After approximately 8 months of Judge Mary Staley hearing the case and issuing the temporary Order, the divorce judge in my case switched from Judge Mary Staley to Judge Adele Grubbs.  I never understood why, I never received any notice about what occurred other than the correspondence below.

The judge switch took place just prior to the final hearing and final divorce Order (by Judge Adele Grubbs) according to the  following documents from my attorney Robert Grayson.

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