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OVER 8 Years later - My Attorney David Oles Not Allowed To Speak In Court and Case Against Bruce Ailion Still Not Heard Febrary 2013

Over 8 years later on February 13, 2013, a Peremptory Hearing was held by Judge Grubbs and my attorney David Oles was present.

On July 2, 2004, I filed a case against Bruce Ailion for the taking of MBA Properties Inc's funds

I received a notice in the mail (mailed December 12, 2012) from outgoing Clerk Jay Stephenson (his last day as Clerk of Cobb Superior court was on December 31, 2012) the then Clerk of Superior Court of Cobb County to be in court for a peremptory hearing on February 13, 2013 for case number 04-1-5290-42 (the case I filed on July 2, 2004 against my lawyer ex-husband Bruce Ailion).

There were two cases which were previously combined on most of the orders, the contempt case filed against me by my ex-husband lawyer Bruce Ailion 04-1-4350-42 (first transferred to Judge George Kreeger now transferred to Judge Robert Leonard) and the case I filed against my ex husband lawyer Bruce Ailion case number 04-1-5290-42 (now transferred to Judge Robert Leonard)..

My attorney David Oles put in an entry of appearance and appeared at the February 13, 2013 hearing but was not allowed to speak before Judge Adele Grubbs.  David Oles returned to his office and filed on February 13, 2013 the following:

The same day, February 13, 2013, Judge Adele Grubbs recused herself in case number 04-1-5290-42 stating she had previously recused herself in case number 04-1-4350-42 (November 21, 2011). The two cases were combined in her previous orders.  Judge Adele Grubbs assigned the case to Judge Robert Leonard since he was assigned the earlier case number 04-1-4350-42. Judge Adele Grubbs had previously voluntarily recused herself November 21, 2011 in response to my filed Motion For Fraud.  Judge Adele Grubbs erroneously stated her last Order filed February 13, 2013, in case 04-1-5290, that her last previous Order was filed January 3, 2007, so the case was still in active status.

The last Order filed by Judge Adele Grubbs that the Cobb County Superior Court docket shows in case number 04-5290-42 was filed February 16, 2007  (not January 3, 2007 as stated in Judge Adele Grubbs February 13, 2013 Order shown above) is shown below:

The above Order was filed by Judge Adele Grubbs on February 16, 2007 was in response to my Motion filed February 13, 2007, Defendant's Motion To Close Evidence Based On  The Record And Request Ruling On Issues Reserved For The Receiver below.

My lawyer David Oles, requested an accounting to be provided by the court, over the funds deposited into the Registry of Cobb County Superior Court. This accounting was to determine the amount of M.B.A. Properties Inc.'s funds that has been collected and deposited by the court appointed Receiver Robert Silliman and the Clerk of Superior Court (formerly Jay Stephenson now Rebecca Keeton) from October 2004 until today.  We received this accounting from the office of the Clerk of Cobb County's on 8/21/13 and have confirmed that there are approximately a little over $22,000 of MBA Properties Inc.'s funds still in the registry of Cobb County Superior Court.

 I filed this case against Bruce Ailion over the taking of MBA Properties Inc.'s funds on July 2, 2004. This case I filed against Brue Ailion still remains open with no Order in response to the Receiver (Robert Silliman) and Accountants (James Beddow) Report. The Accountant (James Beddow) and Receiver's (Robert Silliman) Report was filed in November 7, 2006.  The Accountants and Receiver Report was dated June 6, 2006 but was not filed until November 7, 2006, approximately one month after my release from the Cobb County jail in October 2006.

The Registry of Cobb Superior Court still has MBA Properties Inc.'s over the term leasing commissions from the Georgia Medical and Champion Windows and Doors leases (and some other over the term leasing commissions of mine). The over the term leasing commissions were collected from October 2004 until 2010 through the former Clerk of Cobb Superior Court Jay Stephenson and the Receiver, Robert Silliman (who provided no accounting into the court record). Robert Silliman emailed my attorney David Oles that he has disposed of all the records in this case, although there is no final Order.

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