Saturday, July 12, 2014

The divorce I filed against Bruce Ailion in 1996 in Cobb County

I filed divorce against my husband Bruce Ailion first, in 1996.  

Please see the divorce case and orders which were filed below:


Bruce Ailion said...
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Bruce Ailion said...
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on having survived the Georgia Divorce Syndicate and Justice Enterprise! Many parents have not survived it emotionally and some even physically and children are scarred forever.

It is a system that requires payment yet destroys a good person's ability to pay by destroying that person's credibility, good name, record, and ability to find gainful employment.

Devious spouses love this destructive element particularly if they're "winning." With this factor, Georgia provides the winners with an extra vengeful "knife" to use against their spouse with the destructive element created within its own "justice" system.

It doesn't just dissolve a marriage, it punishes the loser to the satisfaction of those lucky enough, wealthy enough, and connected enough to win in court.

You obviously had the weakest attorney, the one who was not competent, or "connected" to the proper people in control. Divorce and justice is an enterprise in Georgia–– one where many professionals and cottage industry owners (mediators, psychiatrists, etc.) prosper from the assets that would normally have been used for the sake of the children.

It's time for Georgia to address the situation or else the Federal Government should investigate for the sake of Human and Civil Rights issues protected under the Constitution of the United States.

May GOD bless you and your children!

By your survival, your perseverance and commitment to the Truth, you have set a model for them, that even though you are alienated from them, and your name trampled to them with words, they will in years to come respect their Mother and all that you have stood for.

Seems you're another parent who has been kicked around and trashed by an unjust court system and apparently, a vengeful and powerful former spouse long enough.

Thank you for standing tall and publicly for others who have suffered so incredibly.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad for your children to have to endure this man and his ongoing antics, his greed, and his determination to destroy what remains of your life after all these years. YOU are the Mother of his children. He doesn't know the meaning of love or respect and that's obvious.

He is a prime example of why sperm banks are more desirable than a husband and so-called father in the USA. Have you thought about seeking political asylum in another country?

Judges and sheriffs are elected politicians, and judges and sheriffs continue to arrest you illegally and torture and persecute you while honoring the demands of your demented ex husband, the Georgia Bar attorney and twisted courts.

That kind of political persecution is enough reason to request help from outside this country.

I understand England and Ireland have open doors for those suffering political persecution in the United States. Not sure but Australia and New Zealand might be other countries to consider.

It's worth the time to research. You may want to go to their embassies and have a chat.

You aren't getting any younger. It appears they've been torturing you for more than a decade, destroyed your chances of getting any gainful employment while demanding you pay money you don't have and have no way of earning for all they've done.

They've destroyed your relationship with your children. They've taken everything they can take and they're still wanting more.

They're not going to stop because they're very very sick, twisted people you're up against.

Think about it. If you don't find a way to relieve the stress they keep applying, your health is bound to fail.

They're not going to stop. This is the USA where "WINNING" is everything, even if it means beating the HELL out of the mother of your own children in a dirty, one-sided Georgia court room.

Good luck to you.