Thursday, April 16, 2015

I was working on the sale of land tracts in Circle 75 Office Park- NOW the BRAVES STADIUM

After the Braves announced they were moving to the Circle 75 Office Park location in Cobb County (November 11, 2013) I had a rude awakening.

During my initial employment with Advantis GVA, Buckhead office I began working with the owners of Circle 75 Planned development to sell one parcel of the Circle 75 Office Park. 

I began my employment at Advantis in January 2002, and in February 2002 Jerome Baum was also hired as shown here in the press release.
Jerome Baum was hired as a Senior Director of Investment Sales and I was hired as Director of Office Properties.

After a short time after his arrival, (approximately 4 or 5 weeks) Mr. Baum approached the Buckhead Advantis Office's Managing Director Richard Byrant to make me his partner.  I did not know Jerome Baum. I had never had any business or personal dealing with Mr. Baum at the time he made this request.  I began working with Jerome Baum in investment sales sometime in March 2002 (I switched from Office Properties) and he offered to train me and split all real estate transactions. During my entire time working under Jerome Baum's direction I never earned a dime.

During my training I learned from Mr. Baum that he was a close neighbor (next door or a few doors away) to Hansell (Hap) Smith.  At the time Hansell Smith was a member of the Marietta Housing Authority, he was there from 1996- May 2006, here is the article

I recently learned that Jerome Baum and Hansell Smith both lived on the street in front of Judge Adele Grubbs.  So they were all neighbors. 

In early February 2002, I had begun to work on the potential sale of the parcel 15 (approximately 17 acres) of the Circle 75 Planned development.  The site plan was for two potential office building of 100,000 square feet each.

Tract 15 of the Circle 75 Planned development was not listed for sale in February 2002.   I was given the sales information (by the owner's representative at B.F. Saul Company) and was asked to bring it to prospective purchasers.  Richard Bryant  (Managing Director of Advantis Atlanta office) came to this meeting with me. I had previously worked with one of Circle 75 owner's representatives for many years and made the introduction.  Jerome Baum showed up at Advantis a few weeks after the initial meeting with Dick Bryant, B.F. Saul Property Company's (owner's of Circle 75) representative, and myself.  At the time Jerome Baum arrived and began his employment at Advantis the possible sale was ongoing with a potential purchaser.

On June 4, 2003, I was given additional information from B.F. Saul Property Company (owners of Circle 75) to sell tract 12 for residential town home development.  I requested help from another agent at the Atlanta Advantis office Mark Hollan.  Mark Hollan and I began to work on finding a purchaser for tract 12 of the Circle 75 Planned development. 

When I left Advantis in September 2003, Mark Hollan sent a referral commission agreement to me at my real estate brokerage company Deerfield Real Estate Services, LLC (which was active until last year 2014). 

Mark Hollan, (now at Lee & Associates) represented B.F. Saul Company on the sale of the office buildings ( buildings 900, 1000, and 1100, Circle 75 Parkway) at the Circle 75 Planned development.   This sale was announced on October 29, 2013, before they announced the Braves stadium relocating to Circle 75.

The Braves announced their move to Circle 75 in Cobb County on November 11, 2013

In 1985, B. F. Saul Company had completed the development of buildings 900, 1000, and 1100,  Circle 75 Parkway, with a total of  approximately 710,000 square feet.  These were the three office buildings sold by Mark Hollan (representing B.F. Saul Company) to Scott & Associates.

Judge George Kreeger & Hylton Dupree Order March 6, 2012 and my arrest in KY March 30, 2013

Judge George Kreeger/Hylton Dupree civil divorce contempt Order filed March 6, 2012, entered into the NCIC as a felony fugitive warrant with extradition to 48 states and my arrest in Kentucky March 30, 2013.
I was entered into the NCIC as a felony fugitive warrant with extradition to 48 states.

The Order was prepared by Hylton Dupree and signed/filed on March 6, 2012 by Judge George Kreeger over the same contempt charge (filed by Judge Adele Grubbs on October 19, 2004), see blog post the NCIC national data base as a felony fugitive warrant with extradition to 48 states. My name was placed the NCIC national data base as a felony fugitive in a warrant requiring my extradition from 48 states.  

There was no District Attorney’s (at the time it was Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds) Request For Extradition Authority Form Signed and no Magistrate Judge’s Order. 

The “HIT” confirmation (person responsible) for my arrest in Kentucky on March 30, 2013,was the name Stephenson *, from the Cobb County Sheriff’s office.  I don’t know if there is someone name Stephenson that worked for the Cobb County Sheriff’s office on March 30, 2013.  There was the Cobb County Superior Court Clerk named Jay Stephenson’s whose last day of employment there was December 31, 2012.   The arrest “HIT” confirmation was given on March 30, 2013, which was three months after Jay Stephenson’s last day as Clerk of Superior Court of Cobb County.  Judge George Kreeger announced his retirement/resignation on July 4, 2012, and his last day as a Cobb County Superior Court Judge was September 30, 2012.

* If anyone is aware of a Cobb County, Ga. Sheriff’s employee Stephenson who gave the "HIT" for my arrest with this warrant process, I would appreciate any information.  
Thank you.

Below the name of Confirmer of the "HIT":  Stephenson 

Remarks:  Warrant is Active.  Please place a hold on this above subject.  We will extradite.  Please contact Invest. Claunch at 770-499-4672. 

I was not extradited to Georgia.

See NCIC “HIT” confirmation below.

I was arrested for this civil matter on this felony fugitive warrant (with full extradition) from Cobb County on March 30, 2013, after leaving a business meeting in Flemingsburg KY.  There was a plain clothed KY State Trooper (from Flemingsburg named Chad Boling) who was at the meeting who called and gave the tip about my location, according to one of the three arresting officers Kentucky State Trooper Pat Zalone.  At no time did anyone know where my husband and I were going when we left the meeting.  We were on our way to the dollar store to purchase some Seven Up for our daughter who had already arrived at our home from Georgia, going in the opposite direction of home. 

I was the passenger when we were pulled over less than a mile from the meeting by Kentucky State Police Trooper Zalone, Fleming County Police Officer Aaron Workman and Fleming County Sheriff Deputy Jeremy Meade.  The initial stop was for a seat belt violation. 

After being surrounded by three police officers, my husband (the driver) was given a ticket for no seat belt.  He had removed it when he saw the three law enforcement officers. My husband was then removed from the truck and asked to sit in the truck bed.   KSP Trooper Pat Zalone ordered Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Meade was to stay with him in the back of the truck.  My husband became angry and asked, "Why are you separating me from my wife”? 

After my husband was removed to the back of the truck, KSP Trooper Zalone saw my cell phone that was lying in my purse, picked it up and took it back to his patrol car.  I was still seat-belted in but being guarded at my door by Fleming County Police Officer Aaron Workman and told not to leave.  After about ten minutes I unbuckled my seatbelt and went  out the drivers side door hoping to discover what KSP Trooper Zalone was doing with the cell phone.  He was searching the phone and Fleming County Deputy Jeremy Meade and my husband (still in the back of the truck) saw me and heard me say, “Why are you searching my cell phone”? I have nothing to hide. I sensed something was terribly wrong. 

I was ordered back to the truck, and went to the truck.  When I got there Fleming County Police Officer Aaron Workman was still at the passenger door so I asked him to let me back in the truck, he did. KSP Trooper Zalone handed me back the cell phone.  I was then asked for identification and told KSP Trooper Zalone I had none. I had no wallet or identification with me, I was going to a business luncheon meeting, and our daughter was due to arrive to visit from Georgia so we were going to hurry back home (she had called and told us she was at our home waiting for us).  Earlier when they were issuing the ticket to my husband for the seat belt violation they took his driver license and ordered me to empty out the glove compartment, which I did.  They obtained the insurance and registration information.  They knew his name but not mine.  

I was then ordered to remove the contents of my purse, which I did.  My sister gave the purse to me, when she visited at Christmas a few months earlier.  There were some items in one of the compartments, which I did not know were there. There were some old expired credit cards, a medical card with some numbers on it and a picture ID from a B.J.’s store which was clearly not me.  Trooper Zalone took them and said “Wendi Cole”.  I said there is no one by that name the name has been changed.  This is because my sister was divorced a few years earlier and changed her name back to her maiden name.

Trooper Zalone became very angry and asked, “What is the name” and I answered “Wendi Ferber”.  He left with the items and returned to the truck and said, “There is no person by the name Wendi Ferber or Wendi Cole”, I think you are someone who has a warrant out for your arrest”.  I said, “I am Marla Wright and there is an illegal warrant out for my arrest from Georgia, and this purse was given to me by my sister, yes there is such a person”.  I was then charged with giving an officer a false name, but Trooper Zalone returned all the expired credit cards, picture id and papers back to me.  He never kept the evidence and his Police Report states that he was given items in the name of Wendi Ferber.  There were no items in my possession or that were given to him with that name. 

These items were not allowed to be entered into the Fleming County court case as evidence, and I was never allowed to testify or ever speak during the entire jury trial. My public defender Josh Hitch never prepared my defense so I was not able to testify and produce the evidence, which I have. I have had two public defenders, the first Crystal Ball one was taken off the case after the first suppression hearing and obtaining the NCIC “Hit” Confirmation records from Georgia.  I was told Crystal Ball was on leave so I tried to find her on the Kentucky State Bar Directory. However, there was no Crystal Ball listed but I did find a Crystal Love listed which appears to be her. 

I was arrested in Flemingsburg Kentucky for the Cobb County Georgia Sheriff’s Office felony warrant with full extradition on my civil divorce case, which was dismissed by Fleming County District Court Judge Frank H. McCartney.  I was also charged with giving an officer a false name and was held in the Mason County Kentucky jail for five days with no extradition hearing.  According to Fleming County Attorney John C. Price, Cobb County Georgia never answered Kentucky when they were contacted about the NCIC felony warrant with extradition to 48 states.

My case for giving a false name has been before the Kentucky Court of Appeals who upheld my conviction. The case is currently before the Kentucky Supreme Court and has been docketed for hearing to decide whether to grant discretionary review March 23, 2015. 

I’ve lived in Kentucky since November 2006 and have never even had one ticket.   I have never had any criminal charges filed against me in my life. I had never been in a courtroom for any case, filed by me or against me prior to my Cobb County divorce that I filed in 1996.