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Dr Jacqueline Hill PHD and my child custody rights

I am living proof that custody rights can be taken by the courts without just cause.

I lost my joint legal custody at my October 1, 2004 contempt hearing below.
My joint legal custody for three children was taken away by the court without ever proving I was an unfit parent.  My first court experience was my divorce hearing; I never had been in a courtroom for any reason prior to my divorce.

In Judge Grubbs October 19, 2004 Order below, the first thing mentioned is that  my joint legal custody rights are terminated.

During the October 1, 2004 Contempt hearing testimony, according to the court transcript shown below. was given by Dr. Jacqueline Hill that my son Brandon was thriving under the care of his father, Bruce Ailion. Dr. Hill then stated "all three children are academically sound."

Definition of the word thrive thrive  (thrv) 
intr.v. thrived or throve (thrv)thrived or thriv·en (thrvn)thriv·ingthrives
1. To make steady progress; prosper.
2. To grow vigorously; flourish: "the wild deer that throve here" (Tom Clancy).

How can my son be thriving and academically sound when he is being held back a grade under the care of his father Bruce Ailion?  Your comments would be greatly appreciated, I would like to hear your responses on this question.  

When asked "Okay. So just to be very clear, you would recommend that custody remain as is" by my former husband's attorney,  Dr. Hill replies"I have no reason to recommend otherwise" (lines 6-8 below).

Then on cross examination shown below, my attorney David Canale questioned Dr. Jacqueline Hill about her testifying that Brandon was thriving educationally.   When asked by Canale "You said he was thriving educationally, I think is the word that you used.", Dr. Hill answered “he’s doing all right in school, yes”.
So here Dr. Hill's testimony has gone from thriving to doing all right.

Is being held back a grade doing all right?  What are your views on Dr. Hill's testimony?  I would love to hear from you.

Then attorney David Canale stated “but you are aware that, he in fact, he had been held back a grade.”  Dr. Hill answered “yes”.  David Canale asked "you are aware of that, and that happened in the custody of his father”.  Dr. Hill answered “yes”.

Then David Canale asked “have you done any kind of follow up investigation or had any contact with Brandon’s school about what his performance is like this year or last year?" Dr. Hill’s response was “I had some contact, I think, but I do not know if it was last year or the year before, but this year my understanding is that he is doing well.  I check it by just asking mostly.”  David Canale asked Dr. Hill “who do you ask?”  Dr. Hill replied “I ask the father you know; How is he doing and are there any particular problems at school? And if there were, and he wants me to investigate I don’t have any problem doing that.”  David Canale responded with the question “ but you have not specifically checked with the school  or the school teachers, or anyone like that?”  Dr. Hill responded “no not at the present time.”  David Canale  then asked “so any information you have about that actually comes from Mr. Ailion”.  Dr. Hill responded “that’s correct”.

So Dr. Hill  thinks she had some prior contact with Brandon's school.  Then she does not know if it was last year or the year before that she checked with my son's school or teachers to see how he is progressing after being held back a grade  She is now in court to testify about a child's well being, but for sure has only checked with his father recently about Brandon's school performance.  Dr Hill did not call the school to check on Brandon's performance prior to this hearing,  despite him being held back a grade under his father's care. This is clearly not in the best interest of my child. 

In checking the Georgia State Board of Examiners of Psychologists website, today  July 7, 2013, I was greatly relieved when I found that Dr. Jacqueline Hill’s license to practice as a psychologist has lapsed this year as shown below.

At least for now, Dr. Jacqueline Hill can no longer be involved in any custody cases in the state of Georgia.  

Under her license listing for Discipline History from the Georgia State Board of Examiners of Psychologists Dr. Jacqueline Hill has had two Public Consent Orders where she was placed on probation.

The first Public Consent Order filed September 22, 2008 against Dr. Hill is from an incident occurring in February 2005 (four months after Dr. Hill's testimony in my case on October 1, 2004) is below.   It says that during child custody proceedings Dr. Hill offered testimony about the children and their educational needs despite never having met the children and never having performed any diagnostic testing on the children.  It also states that on one occasion Dr. Hill allowed an unlicensed psychologist to perform testing on one of the parents.

The Second Public Consent Order filed May 27,2011 involving Dr. Hill is below. Please read paragraph 3 below, it states from 2009-2011 Dr. Hill was retained by several clients and guardians ad litem to perform parental fitness evaluations, child custody evaluations and other examinations for use in court proceedings and resolution of domestic disputes.  The Board received several complaints from these clients alleging Dr. Hill departed from and failed to conform to the minimum standard of acceptable and prevailing practice and care in her handling of these cases.  Dr Hill admitted to these Findings of Fact.

Please see the May 27, 2011 Second Public Consent Order below and what action was taken against Dr. Hill by the Georgia State Board Examiners Of Psychologists.

Despite the above testimony by Dr. Jacqueline Hill and my testimony at the Oct 1, 2004 hearing (shown in the court transcript below) about my son Brandon being held back a grade (I also had the school records as evidence) I lost my joint legal custody and had all my custody rights taken away by Judge Adele Grubbs.

My attorney David Canale asked me “you have included in your complaint a count for modification of custody.  Now, are there any concerns that you have about your minor son, Brandon, and his personal circumstances right now?”  My response was “Many.  My major concern is his schooling. And the fact that at the start of this year (August 2004 - May 2005 school year) he and his father did not attend the teacher-parent back to school night. And I was there.  He (Brandon) prepared a book for me that I would like to admit.  It’s right underneath that paper, the yellow book about his trip to Florida.  And that it goes through all his conferencing schedules, all the required reading logs, books that are to be read, and tests that are to be taken weekly, as to the accelerated reader program.”   David Canale asked me “do you have any information.”  My response was “his tardiness at school, where he was held back after he was put in the second grade.  He had started the second grade (August 2002- May 2003 school year) for a couple of months and because of Mr. Ailion, Bruce Ailion’s failure to provide his assignments weekly, all his reading logs,  and eleven tardies the first two months of school, they decided to put him back in first grade after two months of school had begun.”  David Canale asked me “that was in the previous year.  Is that correct?”  I answered “that was correct”.  David Canale then asked "Does he have any tardies or absences, unexcused  absences that you are aware of?"  My response was "He did all of last year, (August 2003- May 2004 school year) many."  Please see my testimony below.

Diane Woods was the original GAL during the divorce which was finalized in March 2002 and Dr. Jacqueline Hill the court appointed psychologist who performed testing for me, my husband and my children.. There was not a custody hearing after the divorce was final in March 2002.  At the October 1, 2004 contempt hearing  I was arrested in the courtroom for the alleged fraudulent sale of my marital home the Doral Property and back child support that I paid and proved.  I did not know that I had lost my joint legal custody until I received the October 19, 2004 Order.

For over 20 years I had been a licensed real estate broker and lived in east Cobb County.  My clients consisted of the Department of Veterans Affairs, the FDIC, law firms, doctors, major corporations, etc.  I was very well respected and had an excellent reputation in the business community.

In my care, all three of my children had excelled in school, sports, music and the arts. I volunteered at Sope Creek Elementary School teaching art history classes monthly from 1996-2002 (my oldest son and daughter attended kindergarten through fifth grade there).  From 1995 -2001, I was at times a co-leader in my daughters Daisy, Brownie and Girl Scout troop at Sope Creek Elementary, from the time she was in kindergarten through the fifth grade.  Additionally, I volunteered at Dickerson Middle School monthly working in the library from the time my oldest son Adam attended there in 1998 until 2001.   My daughter was so advanced in trumpet playing that after her second year at  Dickerson Middle School they had her teaching trumpet in the band classes at Walton High School.   I was mainly responsible for my youngest son Brandon winning the Reflections Arts Recognition Program award for Sope Creek Elementary school during kindergarten (2000-2001).   He went on to compete for the Reflections award for for Cobb County and the state level.  During kindergarten Brandon was also the Walmart poster boy for Garanimals, and his pictures were all over every Walmart in the Atlanta metropolitan area.  Brandon also sang in a local group who was asked to perform on the Coca Cola stage at the Macon Georgia Music Hall of Fame and at many fairs and events.  Yes, I am this mother  mentioned above who lost custody of her children.  It is hard to believe.  Nothing can be done to return all those years I lost with my children after I lost custody.  But something can and must be done so other mothers and fathers don't experience the deprivation and loss of their children when parental custody rights are terminated by our family courts without just cause.

The crime committed against the parent who loses custody is described best by Dr. Karen Huffer in her book about Legal Abuse Syndrome (PTSD),  and how it plays out after you've been traumatized.  She wrote two books Legal Abuse Syndrome and "Unlocking Justice.  The targeted parent is often barraged with legal proceeding after legal proceeding in courts that do not understand the problem called LAS or Legal Abuse Syndrome according Dr. Karin Huffer.  Dr. Huffer states that" LAS is a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and is not a mental illness but more like psychological abuse that is inflicted upon the person causing them emotional pain, suffering and confusion". She states "that LAS stems from corrupt or poorly managed court situations that perpetrate and destroy another person with false allegations, abuses by the courts or vexatious litigation's that are filed in the courts".  In other words she says it is basically, “psychic injury, not a mental illness. It is a personal injury that develops in individuals assaulted by ethical violations, legal abuses, betrayals, and fraud. And it is the abuse of power and authority and a profound lack of accountability in our courts, which compound an already stressful experience.”

Joan Kloth-Zanard Executive Director and Founder of PAS Intervention and Dance to End Child Abuse has conducted research on the Affects of PAS on the Targeted/Alienated Parent. According to Joan Kloth-Zanard “The targeted parent becomes as wounded emotionally as the children.  They are forced to endure endless living deaths of their children who are still alive but dead to them, and thus never have closure.  This  abuse is then compounded by financial damages and worse, corrupt/unknowledgeable courts that do not appropriately handle these type cases.  Parental Alienation is a devastating form of psychological abuse.  We know that it wreaks havoc for the children.  But what about the Targeted/Alienated Parent (TP)?  How does all of this affect them? For years we have talked about the psychological trauma and damages that children of high conflict divorce must endure when one parent deliberately impedes their relationship with their other loving parent.  The statistics, signs and symptoms are well documented.  From emotional problems, to substance abuse problems, to anger and low-self-esteem, children of high conflict divorce are damaged by the psychological abuse of Parental Alienation.   But what about the Alienated/Targeted Parent.  This parent is being berated, ignored, defamed, slandered and had the most horrific things said about them, must try to stand up strong against all this anger, hatred and rage.”
Wendy Titelman, who lost custody of her two young daughters in Cobb County Superior Court has published a book Let My Children Go. Wendy Titelman, and I both had Diane Woods involved in our custody cases.  Her book describes loss of parental rights (visitation) and custody and I strongly recommend it for any parent who has lost custody of their children.  I refer to Let My Children Go often, it has helped me a great deal.  I hope and pray it will help others realize that change is long overdue in our nations family court system especially when it comes to parental rights and custody issues.  

This blog is dedicated to all those mothers and fathers who have been unjustly deprived by the family courts of their basic fundamental right to be a mother or father with equal custody rights.  Depriving a mother or father of custody over their children, for no just cause, is a crime against children.

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Chris G said...

I'm dealing with a similar situation. Custody of my children has been switched between myself and my children's Father 4 times by the same Judge. There was a hearing held last November regarding custody and medical bills. A subpoena was served to my address and accepted by someone other than myself, who never gave me the subpoena. I failed to show up for this hearing, and custody was granted to my ex, along with child support and legal fees. My story is much more involved than this, just too much to type. As a single woman, working and in school, I cannot afford an attorney currently and feel utterly trapped. Any advice on help I can turn to or how to even begin to address my issue would be so greatly appreciated.